Our Sulzer Video Challenge a Success!


In their full-scale training facility in Humble, Texas, northwest of Houston, Sulzer trains welders in the use of their proprietary CladFuse HT 2000 Weld Overlay System. The CladFuse system adds new stainless steel lining in pressure vessels, chemical tanks and towers worldwide.

The training is rigorous…

and includes virtually every situation a Sulzer welding team might encounter on-site – including how to safely crawl through narrow, flanged access hatches into a tank or vessel interior. That’s the only way in or out for a welder and his extensive array of specialized equipment.

And that’s exactly how we had to get in with all our video and still photo gear and lights – through a 22-inch diameter flange off a very narrow steel catwalk. PLUS, the vessel’s interior was just 11 feet-wide – cramped quarters for the four of us – two welders in full safety and breathing gear plus a photographer and a videographer.

Our video-guru, Josh, adjusts the welders hood to better show the Sulzer logo.

The video was created for two purposes: First, to introduce Sulzer’s CladFuse HT 2000 product to industry and second, to recruit experienced welders to join and grow with the Sulzer team The client selected the contemporary music track to target younger welders,  The still images were captured to create a CladFuse 2000 training program manual.

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