2021-2022 Energy And Oil & Gas Industry Trade Shows List

Planning to exhibit at these or other shows?   Our services don’t stop with commercial photography, industrial photography and executive portraiture. We can provide exhibit enlargements, booth graphics,  catalog sheets and more. 2021: Downstream USA 2021 Oct 21-22 (Exhibition) NRG Center, Houston 2022: SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Conf. & Exhibition Feb. 1-3, Woodlands, TX, Marriott Conv. Center Pipeline  […]

Warning! Avoid ultra violet (UV) light damage!

Light (any kind) will eventually degrade ALL photos. Yes, even your office fluorescent ceiling fixtures will eventually wreak havoc – even on black and white photo prints (like those Ansel Adams’ landscapes so popular in offices). Sunlight is the worst, of course whether direct or reflected off walls or polished floors. Its ultraviolet (UV) component […]

What makes great editorial photography?

Advertising photography and editorial photography are NOT the same! Advertising photographs can show a product, logo or other “branding” message. Editorial photographs, including photos in your press releases must never look like ads. No logo. No text. No blatant “branding”. If your press release smells like an ad, editors will toss it out. Magazines run newsworthy articles of interest to […]

Want better photos? Try Polarizing Filters

Want to improve your landscape images? Polarizing filters screw into the front threads of a lens. So, they’re made in diameters specific to each lens’ front opening diameter. And they can (obviously) enhance your images. They help reduce reflections in glass, on water, painted metal, add drama to cloudscapes, and more. There are actually polarizers that can […]

Volunteers Feed and Clothe Houston’s Homeless

On Saturday, June 17th, I had the privilege of photographing an amazing charity event near Houston’s Main Public Library on McKinney Street, across from City Hall. Here’s the scoop: Some months ago, at a crawfish boil I hosted, my friend Steve Gutterud, President of Complete Home Innovations, asked me if I’d be available to shoot […]

Our Sulzer Video Challenge a Success!

In their full-scale training facility in Humble, Texas, northwest of Houston, Sulzer trains welders in the use of their proprietary CladFuse HT 2000 Weld Overlay System. The CladFuse system adds new stainless steel lining in pressure vessels, chemical tanks and towers worldwide. The training is rigorous… and includes virtually every situation a Sulzer welding team might […]